Tuesday 9 March 2010

Ecobuild 2010

Did you attend the Ecobuild 2010 exhibition at Earls Court?

If so, you may have found that you needed to attend all three days to get around the whole, enormous event. If, like most people, you did not have the time to see it all, you would have concentrated your search on specific areas of interest. But even then with over 150 stands listed under solar photvoltaics, or many listed under heat pumps, it must have been hard to know where to begin.

Once you found the sector of choice and sat down with the various very obliging company representatives, you were inevitably regailed with reasons why their system would be best for you and your needs. It would not have taken long to realise that with most renewable technologies there are a miriad of different ways and systems to achieve your goals, but which one truly would be best for you?

At Blue Sky Building Solutions we are not intent on selling any particular product, instead we focus our full attention on your needs and your property’s infrastructure. We will only recommend systems that are suitable for your property, that will give you the best value for money.

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