Friday 4 June 2010

Go Green and Make Money!

Make money from your home. BBC Radio 4’s Costing The Earth investigates the governments new feed in tariffs.

Blue Sky Building Solutions can help you choose the right system for your home and will develop the project from start to finish to ensure that you get the most from your investment. Go to to find out more.

Go green and make money! - Gain tax free income from your property.

As well as being good for the environment it now makes financial sense to make your home eco-friendly.

With the government’s Feed in Tariffs and the planned Renewable Heat Incentives scheme there has never been a better time to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

By installing renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic panels or heat pumps you can see unbeatable financial returns on your investment. A typical return on a solar photovoltaic microgeneration system installed on a suitable property is in the region of 8-10% of the initial investment TAX FREE annually. This return is index linked and guaranteed by the government for 25 years. Your house is now generating its own energy which means free or greatly reduced electricity costs.

Blue Sky Building Solutions are independent experts in property energy efficiency. We offer a whole package from an initial assessment, which encompasses your budget and goals, to installation, commissioning and funding.

For more information go to or Telephone: 01442 620600

How do the figures add up? - Read the following to discover how the right property can make its owner money.

Any property that has a South East to South West facing roof could be suitable for installing Solar Photovoltaic panels. Blue Sky Building Solutions can conduct full and detailed surveys to establish if a property has potential to yield good returns as well as significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

The following information is based on some generic assumptions: That the roof is between S/E and S/W facing, has between a 30 and 50 degree pitch and that you are buying your electricity at an average 13p per KW hr.

For a 2.4 KW system that would be expected to produce about 2100KWhrs per annum - Install cost approx £12500-14000*.

Annual income from government Feed In Tariff @ 41.5 pence per KW, plus up to £60 per year for what you sell back to the energy provider: £930

When added the fact that this is a tax free income it equates up to an equivalent 10% annual return, plus it is index linked and guaranteed for 25 years.

Also, add to this that you will have no electricity costs (an average household spends of £600 per annum) you are looking at recouping the cost of the system in just over 8 years.

The total return for the investment in the 25 years is £23,250 at today's prices. Also savings on electricity at today's prices (and energy costs will only go up in the future) £15,000. Making the total income from the system £38,250.

Solar PV systems do not have annual servicing costs and have no mechanical parts to break down. The effectiveness of the panels are guaranteed by most manufacturers for 10-20 years.

The property would also be making carbon savings of over a ton per year.

*dependent upon existing electrical installation, roof type, access etc.

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